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Maximum layout and production efficiency for a highly accurate business case


Our integrated end-to-end process starts with the initial building design. You plan, decide and have endless options at your fingertips to validate, optimise and evaluate all design possibilities with accuracy.

The digital integration enables us to know every part of our product down to the last nail across the whole lifecycle of the building. This allows for a vast degree of supply chain automation and quality adherence to the final product. This also guarantees full track-ability and traceability and ensures legal compliance.


How we build Homes

with our End-to-End Solution Product Process


How we build Homes with our End-to-End Solution Product Process



We bring all benefits from serial production to the construction industry.

Automation ensures a quality tolerance in production down to the millimetre. This helps to save materials and avoid waste. Serial production also enables us to learn from data points leading to an ever-evolving product and at the same time delivering consistent reproducibility and quality.


Our factory is one of its kind in the industry using best-in-class AI & robotics. Most of the value creation happens in the factory. The construction sites do not require skilled labor which reduces the risk of errors to a minimum.





Our nearly complete building elements are designed for fast and efficient assembly.


Our on-site assembly and commissioning processes are user-friendly and highly effective. Our product approach reduces labor and trades and assures quality and certainty.

The prefabricated elements are installed just in time as they are delivered to the site. They are simply connected to each other, creating instant water-tight structures that can be finished in a protected environment as the structure is being erected. This eliminates uncertainties and risks through precision and offers better working conditions. Bad weather won’t hold up our preproduction or add unforeseen costs, further minimising the risks associated with traditional building.


The replicable approach enables us to scale quickly and still deliver a quality product that meets all your needs.

Building and production data are the basis for constant optimisation of our product and process to further enhance the living experience of users and advance the operation and sustainability of our buildings.

​Our user-centred approach allows us to learn from tenants and continuously improve our product in terms of design and functionalities.

Our Test-and-Learn Mindset

What’s next?

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In three steps we create buildings that focus on the needs of the users

Our process ensures less disruption, faster delivery, more efficiency and most importantly cost certainty. Prefabrication enables us to scale quickly and to constantly optimise and deliver a level of precision that has not been available in traditional construction thus far.

We own the process
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