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United in building the homes of tomorrow


Our teams share a vision for sustainable living

Our people and teams are at the heart of our mission at GROPYUS, each living out our core values of sustainability, appreciation and ownership. Get to know how each functions day-to-day while helping create a more sustainable future for residential living.

GDC & Smart Factory

Our mission: To lead the timber construction industry by setting and advancing production standards, utilizing state-of-the-art processes and incorporating automation.

We ensure timely and cost-efficient deliveries, continuously improve production performance and integrate customers and suppliers for optimized control of the entire value chain. Our focus is on enabling GROPYUS' growth and success while delivering exceptional value to our customers.


Our mission: To source and deliver high-quality real estate projects for GROPYUS.

We analyze and filter each project through the development process – with a focus on economic and technical analysis – to ensure successful co-development, sole-development and service development models. Our team consists of experts in real estate, financing and project management who are committed to driving innovation and creating value for our clients.


Our mission: To define value propositions, develop product strategies and design digital, physical and brand experiences.

Rooted in insights from human and business data, we give direction to our engineering teams and create holistic, human-centered product experiences. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our customers and exceed their expectations.


Our mission: To drive end-to-end digitalization of our products and value chain.

We operate as a partner for all divisions of GROPYUS, staffed with virtual sub-teams consisting of experts in software, mobile, PLC, security, data and application engineering. We’re committed to delivering innovative and effective digital solutions that enhance our customers' experience and drive the success of our company.

Enabling Functions

Our mission: To provide essential services to the core business functions.

We work together to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and effectively, creating a strong foundation for the core business functions to operate efficiently and achieve their goals. Part of Enabling Functions are our people from the Finance, People, Legal and Corporate IT team.


Our mission: To manage construction projects for GROPYUS, from site due diligence to apartment handover.

We design basements and landscaping, ensure utility connections and manage contractors and logistics for proper assembly and finishing. Our focus is timely completion within budget while adhering to GROPYUS quality and design standards. Our team consists of project managers, construction managers and architects dedicated to delivering high-quality projects that exceed our clients' expectations.

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