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Using Technology to deliver irresistible experiences while driving sustainability and revenue

We are introducing

the new era of buildings

We use technology to deliver irresistible experiences to users and drive sustainability and revenue for asset holders. Our technology combines low-maintenance asset management with customer value. This increases the satisfaction of tenants and eliminates extensive and unproductive workflows. Our digital solution also makes it easy to monetise additional services that can be provided to tenants.

Building Operating System

From individual controls to a truly smart home

From our proprietary controller to our custom made switches and our app landscape – we provide a seamless and unintrusive user experience.
We believe a smart home should behave as its users want. From controlling lights, temperature, and locks to setting movie and bed-time routines our residents have maximum convenience at their fingertips – and if desired even without moving a finger.

A smart home experience from day one

The Home Dashboard gathers all necessary information in one place. It automates workflows and informs tenants and contractors of maintenance and repair needs. This accelerates the service and support of asset holders. 

Unlocking real estate monetisation

Our end to end digital approach improves the operational efficiencies of buildings. We optimize time and costs for tasks like full ESG-reporting capabilities and provides transparency on costs.
It meets market demands for flexibility and managed services and in turn, makes buildings more interesting for tenants, improves tenant retention and ultimately adds value and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our Service Platforms

Our platform transforms people-intensive and hard to predict operations into transparent, predictable and efficient activities. Through the data we collect and the automation we introduce we optimise building performance and provide predictive maintenance - reducing costs and enabling fast growth.

By leveraging our strong network of suppliers, we provide maintenance services at competitive prices that are ready to scale with your business as it grows. Our portfolio for digitised facility, property, and asset management provides a complete solution that can be tailored and deployed based on the specific needs of your business.


A paradigm shift in real estate ownership

Digitised Facility Management

Digitised Property Management

Digitised Asset Management

Digitised Facility Management

  • Predictive optimisation of maintenance based on system health data, thus better cost can be planned for

  • Scalable and data-driven deployment and management of contractor services

  • Negotiation power through large contract volumes and supplier marketplace

Digitised Property Management

  • Digital tenant contract and contact management

  • Automated management of rent and service charge collections

  • Integral tracking and proactive management of customer satisfaction

  • Continuous optimization of cost and revenue potential through broad usage of data insights

  • Optimization on autopilot through intensive use of Artificial Intelligence

Digitised Asset Management

  • Attractive and branded product drives utilisation

  • Homogeneous asset portfolio with strong ESG fit as an attractive investment class and/or portfolio addition to reach investment goals and regulatory requirements

  • Revenues generated on Living-as-a-Service platform as additional yield upside

  • Real-time performance overview and steering

With Living-as-a-Service we help asset holders to focus on optimising customer lifetime value. This brings convenience to rental living on all levels


Focus on customer lifetime value





Marketplace for 3rd Party Products and Services

Premium Features

We offer tenants a one-stop shop to take care of all their necessities. Just one point of contact for first-level support. This ensures the degree of quality of our residential experience we want to provide.

Value-added Service

Tenants have flexibility and choice of different packages and services that suit a wide range of individual needs. Upgrades are possible and can be reversed just as easily.

Marketplace for 3rd Party Products and Services

Tailor-made offers and recommendations provide asset holders with further monetisation opportunities and to increased customer satisfaction

No matter what material

Whether wood, wood & concrete or concrete, our system can be integrated into any building structure

Flexible at scale

The system can accommodate apartments reaching from 1-4 rooms between 30-90 sqm. This no matter the layout (square, rectangular, L-shape, shotgun).

For new and old

Our system can be applied to new buildings or be retrofitted to already existing structures.

One for all, all in one

Our system can accommodate for a large variety of different building systems, apartment layouts and building of various ages.

Build in from the start

The BOS components are installed during the prefabrication of the building elements and during the assembly of the building

Less is more

They require fewer cables and cabling work thanks to low power wireless and energy harvesting technologies.

Plug & Play

We enable an easy installation with features like colour-coded devices and provisioning via QR-code scanning – many devices can actually be added by our tenants themselves.

Easy fit

For retrofitting, the dimensions of the BOS fixtures allow easy integration into any kind of standard junction boxes or electrical cabinets.

Cutting installation efforts of smart home systems up to 60%

What’s next?

Let’s build sustainable homes together
How we integrate sustainability in our products
Learn more about how our processes work

Full control over costs and consumption

Users have maximum control over their apartment, for more convenience and a better overview of their consumption. They control the lights, temperature, blinds and locks and set up proper routines. It also helps to keep track of costs and reduce wastage of resources.

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