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  • What are you passionate about?

  • Familiarise yourself with the product and the company.

  • Make sure your values align with the company’s values and purpose.

  • Find connections between the job listing and your expertise.

  • Do what excites you.

Step 1: reflection & job search

  • You can find our vacancies at

  • Find the right team for you. We actively seek diversity and strive to unlock each other’s full potential.

  • Do not hesitate to reach out to us in case you are interested, even if you cannot find a specific vacancy.

  • Please share your resume with us in German or English – according to the language of the job description.

  • We do not expect a photo, cover letter, or other personal info, such as marital status.

Step 2: application & resume

  • Come as you are! We want to get to know you.

  • Bring your questions and show that you care about GROPYUS and a purposeful position.

  • Do your research – it’s your chance to get to know us as well.

  • We deeply care about finding the right candidate, and this can mean multiple interview stages.

Step 3: interview

  • We make our decisions based on facts and the feedback from all interview participants.

  • You’ll receive an offer if we want to work with you. After that, we organise a chat to explain all the details.

  • You’ll receive a contract after you have accepted our offer.

  • If we decide to go with another candidate, you’ll receive an email informing you about our decision. We always offer a short call to share some details on our decision-making.

Step 4: decision & offer

Our hiring process





We're a team of passionate people from around the world with diverse industry experience

From engineering positions to experts in robotics and IT professionals, people managers, real estate analysts and accounting specialists to office support and administrative personnel. We’re looking forward to working with people to help us shape the future of sustainable living. Join us on our journey!

Working at GROPYUS

What’s next?

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Integrated sustainability throughout our products
Learn more about how our processes work

What we value
the most

Our shared values are the foundation that guides us in our daily business. It helps us to build an aspirational and successful company to make our vision of sustainable living for everyone a reality.

We care
beyond profit.
We are
We talk to
each other.
We deliver
We believe in the power of diversity.
We disagree
and commit.
We act
like owners.
We take pride in making it simple.
We make our customers feel at home.




New opportunities are waiting for you!

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