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Our interview process

Our hiring process helps us get to know your skills, values and goals, while also giving you the opportunity to learn about us. We look for alignment in our shared mission and a strong desire to grow within a high-performing team. 

Get to know our teams at GROPYUS

We love what we do. Working at GROPYUS is a rich experience in which our ideas, creativity and unique backgrounds come together to build meaningful products that play an important role in our future.


Let’s build together

Our diverse team of bright minds is united in one shared mission: creating sustainable living for everyone.

We have a passion for making the world a better place to live. That all starts in the way we work together.

What’s next?

Learn about how diversity and inclusion shape our culture
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A workplace where everyone can thrive

We believe every individual should reach their full potential in the workplace. At GROPYUS, we foster an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment that allows us to focus on our core purpose: to create sustainable living for everyone. Our team is made up of dedicated, skilled professionals who bring unique perspectives and a passion for exciting living experiences.


Encouraging autonomy
and flexibility

We offer our employees attractive benefits, including the chance to work in the way that feels best to them. From remote work abroad to in-office structured hours, our hybrid model supports a variety of setups.  Do you fancy working from home? Need to adjust your hours? The choice is yours, and we’ve got you covered.


We disagree and commit

Decisiveness allows us to be more agile. We don’t shy away from making the tough decisions. When choosing a course of action, we seek out different points of view, asses the right move and commit fully.


We take pride ​
in making it simple​

Simple solutions scale. Our best ideas are those​ that aren’t too complex to explain to our family members, and that have actionable next steps we can start working on today.


We believe in the ​power of diversity

Diversity in backgrounds, experiences and thinking is crucial to create the best product for everyone. We actively seek diversity and strive to unlock each other’s full potential.​


We act like owners

In a nutshell, GROPYUS is what we make of it. We deliver on our promises, ​learn from our mistakes and constantly improve our processes. Our success is in our hands.


We make our customers feel at home​

The people that live or operate in our spaces are at the center of our work. If we make them feel at home, everything else falls into place.​


We talk to each other

Most problems can be solved through direct and transparent communication​. At GROPYUS, we give honest feedback and address issues​ constructively as they arise.


We are

We operate under the notion that optimism is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. When we take calculated risks each day, we truly believe that we can succeed.


We care

beyond profit

While we aim to build a profitable business, our ambition goes beyond money and into a deep sense of responsibility for our planet and people.


We deliver

We want to achieve at a high level, so we have high expectations. ​But we also know that our best work is achieved together — through mutual support, encouragement and motivation. That’s how the magic happens.

Press releases

Vonovia invests in GROPYUS

GROPYUS AG and Vonovia SE take the next step in their collaboration and send a clear signal to the European housing sector.

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Alexandra Wittmann joins GROPYUS AG as Chief Financial Officer

GROPYUS AG expands its management team. Alexandra Wittmann joins the company as Chief Financial Officer. She will assume responsibility for finance and procurement.

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GROPYUS and Vonovia launch strategic partnership

Vonovia enriches the partnership with its expertise in the development, management and operation of residential accommodation. GROPYUS, in turn, has experience in the design and construction of residential buildings using digital, serial and sustainable timber-hybrid construction methods for affordable and sustainable living.

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Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the opening of the first GROPYUS residential building

The serial wood-hybrid construction method ensures high scalability and shorter construction times. The complete digitisation of the value chain enables full traceability of all processes and materials used.

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GROPYUS plans investment in Richen production site

GROPYUS gave State Secretary Andrea Lindlohr MdL and Erwin Köhler MdL a tour of the production facility at the production site in Richen and informed them about the investment and expansion plans.

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GROPYUS charts the course for a successful future

GROPYUS celebrates the grand opening of its first building in Weißenthurm near Koblenz, Germany, on May 31st, 2022.

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GROPYUS AG launches cooperation with Vienna Insurance Group

GROPYUS has signed a cooperation agreement with VIG. They are supporting GROPYUS in creating sustainable and affordable living with insurance, assistance services, financing and the planned expansion to Central and Eastern Europe.

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Press releases

Vonovia steigt bei GROPYUS ein

GROPYUS AG und Vonovia SE gehen den nächsten Schritt in ihrer Zusammenarbeit und setzen ein deutliches Signal für die europäische Wohnungswirtschaft.

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Alexandra Wittmann neue Chief Financial Officer der GROPYUS AG

GROPYUS AG erweitert sein Management Team. Alexandra Wittmann verstärkt die Führungsspitze des Unternehmens. Als Finanzvorständin verantwortet sie die Bereiche Finance und Procurement.

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GROPYUS und Vonovia gehen strategische Kooperation ein

Vonovia bringt seine Expertise aus Entwicklung, Verwaltung und Betrieb von Wohnungen ein. GROPYUS wiederum bringt seine Erfahrungen aus der Konzeptionierung und Realisierung von Wohnbauprojekten in digitaler, serieller und nachhaltiger Holzhybrid-Bauweise ein - für leistbaren und nachhaltigen Wohnraum.

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Erstes GROPYUS-Wohnhaus feierlich eröffnet

Die serielle Holz-Hybrid-Bauweise sorgt für hohe Skalierbarkeit und kürzere Bauzeiten. Die vollständige Digitalisierung der Wertschöpfungskette ermöglicht eine vollumfängliche Nachvollziehbarkeit aller Prozesse und verwendeten Materialien.

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GROPYUS plant Investition in Produktionsstandort Richen

GROPYUS führte Staatssekretärin Andrea Lindlohr MdL sowie Erwin Köhler MdL am Produktionsstandort in Richen durch die Produktionsanlage und informierte sie über die Investitions- und Ausbaupläne.

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GROPYUS stellt Weichen für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft

GROPYUS feiert die Eröffnung des ersten Gebäudes in Weißenthurm bei Koblenz am 31. Mai 2022

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GROPYUS geht Kooperation mit Vienna Insurance Group ein

GROPYUS AG hat mit der Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe einen Kooperationsvertrag unterzeichnet. Die VIG-Gruppe unterstützt GROPYUS von der Versicherung über Assistance-Leistungen und die Finanzierung bis hin zur geplanten Expansion auf Zentral- und Osteuropa.

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Join our team

Ready to help shape the future of sustainable living? Be sure to check out our open positions. We’d love to hear from you!

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