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Celebrating diversity for a more inclusive workplace


Our commitment to inclusivity

Working at GROPYUS means being part of a wonderfully diverse team of individuals from over 30 countries. We value inclusion above all, ensuring that everyone feels a sense of belonging – no matter their background. In this way, our differences become strengths that help us grow as a team. To ensure that we are constantly monitoring and improving our values, we regularly ask our employees how they feel. These are the results of the Pulse Check from Q4 in 2022:


feel they belong at GROPYUS


feel that GROPYUS values diverse opinions and ideas


feel that people of all different backgrounds are welcome here

A community dedicated to positive change

Our mission is to provide a support network for individuals of diverse backgrounds and promote an environment of open discussion. Through our D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) community, our employees engage in important topics through subgrounds. We encourage our people to join in helping foster a culture of belonging.


Womxn subgroup

LGBTQ+ subgroup

BPOC subgroup

Our employees love working with us

Flex work

For most roles at GROPYUS, our employees have the option to work from home, in the office or even abroad. To do so, you will be equipped with the latest hardware and software. Tune into meetings from another country for up to 40 days per year, or create your own family-friendly schedule. Flexible hours allow our people to prioritize important moments throughout their day.

Perks and benefits

A great working culture starts with a happy team. Our mental health program, LIKEMINDED, offers external support through 1-on-1 meetings with qualified psychologists, group sessions and webinars. We’ve also teamed up with FutureBens to offer direct discounts on over 120 sustainable brands in fashion, travel, wellness and more.

Virtual Share Program

We’re passionate about giving ownership and showing appreciation to our employees. Our Virtual Share Program (VSP) connects GROPYUS team members to the journey we’re on as a company, allowing them to share in our successes.

Competitive salary

GROPYUS challenges the notion that compensation discussions must exist in a black box. We believe in transparency when discussing future pay and adjustments. That's why we offer competitive starting salaries and annual performance reviews for all employees.

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