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Creating sustainable living for everyone

Creating sustainable living for everyone

Our benefits at a glance


Save costs


Scalable production


Save time


One-of-a-kind experience


Beyond standards


Efficient operation


Flexibility in design


Social participation

A new cost efficiency standard

At GROPYUS, we view our buildings not as construction projects, but rather as ever-evolving and fully customisable products. We’re therefore able to utilise automated manufacturing, a lean supply chain and process automation to introduce major cost savings – in both production and building operations.

Asset holders always have a holistic understanding of budgeting and timing, leaving them with total control of the design, manufacturing and management of their properties.

Measurable time savings

GROPYUS ushers in a new era of manufacturing speed, enabling a 50% increase in production for the time invested. Our processes are set up to give asset holders an exact overview of timelines and planning reliability, which allows them to realise projects quickly and efficiently. The GROPYUS configurator ensures that all plans are ready for state approvals, production, construction and implementation. With this system in place, asset holders have shorter conversion cycles, shorter time onsite and reduced commissioning costs.

Groundbreaking operational efficiency

The GROPYUS Building Operating System (BOS) is the central hub for a fully connected smart home system for both residents and asset holders. It enables full control of building operations in the palm of your hand, with features such as programmatic maintenance, predictive scheduling and integrated customer support.

The BOS also offers the opportunity for asset holders to provide and monetise additional services to tenants. Its integration capabilities help reduce costs and keep tenants happy, while smart systems and sensors lower the overall need for manual home maintenance.

Ready for the sustainable future of construction

We check all the boxes for compliance and sustainability, both now and for future regulations. Our products are ESG a. 8 & 9/KFW/BEG 40 funding eligible and sourced with PEFC and/or FSC certification.

A GDPR-compliant Building Operating System enables emissions to be assessed over the entire life cycle of the building. With a reduced Global Warming Potential, GROPYUS buildings help asset holders and tenants significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Eligible for

ESG Article 8 & 9

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PEFC logo

22% less embodied carbon compared to DGNB reference

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Accessible to all, enable affordable and inclusive living

DIN - 100%18040-2-R ready

Flexibility in design

At GROPYUS, scalability is never one-size-fits-all. Our turnkey solutions has extraordinary flexibility built into its core. From shape and size, to design and appearance – all elements of choice are always there and ready to be deployed. Asset holders looking for enhanced convenience, can also select from predefined parameters, while maintaining flexibility according to tenant needs.

Breakthrough production and scalability

GROPYUS combines all the digitised components of a modern factory and applies them to construction. Our use of serial production enables us to learn and optimise quickly from data, creating an ever-increasing standard in quality and reproducibility. GROPYUS factories are designed for low variable costs, repeatability, integrated supply chains, automation and 24/7 production operations.

A one-of-a-kind experience

We welcome asset holders and tenants to the next generation of living spaces. With delightful design, unparalleled value, state-of-the-art features and true connectivity in every sense of the word, GROPYUS buildings introduce a standard of sustainable living that many have only imagined until now.

We ensure social participation

We create accessible and affordable living and at the same time respect natural resources and make use of our fully digitally integrated processes. We design for people from all different life stages and ensure that our buildings accommodate all needs in terms of accessibility and inclusion. Our buildings are developed on the principles of "universal design". This incorporates accessibility and adaptability to different preferences and needs.

What’s next?

Let’s build sustainable homes together
Discover our Building Operating System and its benefits
How we integrate sustainability in our products

We create buildings as service-oriented products

Partnering with GROPYUS means choosing the highest standard of design, production and building operations. Sustainability and conserving resources are woven into the very fabric of our products, allowing for long-term return on investment in all aspects of the value chain.


In addition to unlocking unparalleled benefits for asset holders, GROPYUS homes combine sleek design, comfort, functionality and community into a one-of-a-kind living experience that has not yet been realised anywhere else. GROPYUS is, quite simply, living redefined.

Our mission
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